Tuesday, November 25, 2008

sexadoll catheter unit

1st release from Laboratory Pediophilia Paradox
is "sexadoll catheter unit"
I thank you for Liqueur Felix who monitor this item
and she gave me a lot of important advices.

Packing list:

1) sexadoll catheter controler(HUD)
2) sexadoll catheter plug pelvis unit (pelvis)
3) sexadoll catheter cylinder unit (R upper leg)
4) X-Ray display stand


Please attach 2) & 3) and click pelvis unit.
You will get select window "on" & "off"
Simpley press "on" button in order to activate.
you don't need to attach HUD 1)
however it is sometime useful when you don't need to close up and click
You can get same window to select on / off from HUD.

"off" button stop all action.



Pelivis unit
* Pilot lamp on "Red & blinking"
* Hydraulic motor gear rotating
* "front & rear prove extending" (It is inside of your body)
* pipe tracking beam connectiong with cylinder

Cylinder unit
*pilot lamp on Red & blinking" on Cylinder ring
* drop particle starting
* meter backlight iluminating & needle reacting
* water level up around 160sec & stop when reach upper level
& send msg when it is full


Pelvis unit
* Pilot lamp off to "dark green"
* stop gear rotating
* storing 2 prove
* pipe tracking beam stop

Cylinder unit
* pilot lamp turn off to "dark green"
* drop stop
* meter light off stop needle reacting
* water level down to bottom
* valve rotate once
* drainage particle from under pipe
* send disposed msg

X-Ray display pose stand

1) simply sit on stand
2) click display then you can see inside of your body
and check prove extended.
turn off click it again.


I put resizing script inside of Cylinder unit.
Click it after wear it. then select "All prims" and select + then bigger.

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